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I'm excited to meet you! Because, if you're here, it means YOU are a guy who's ready to Rock the next adventure of your life.

I'm Kimberly Cain, producer & host of The Naked Vibes Show podcast. I'm also a Certified High Performance Coach for men, a Keynote Speaker & Musician.

A lifetime of working with men in rock bands, music and entertainment production, and playing alongside them in my lifelong passion as an obstacle-course slalom water skier, has given me a unique perspective into the desires of successful, creative, heart-centered men. Unlike typical work environments, high-performance creative endeavors and the pursuit of an elite sport affords more time for intimate conversation, in fun settings, founded on trust and mutual respect.

I also learned from my dad, who mentored thousands of men in his lifetime and encouraged me to continue it.

What Guys Have to Say about Coaching with Kimberly

A Private Group for Men to Connect to Their Highest Potential

Life can get rough and men need as much support as women do to stand in their power and resist getting pulled in every direction. Our world needs more heart-centered, masculine men to lead in strong, creative, caring ways that forge stronger relationships, families, real friendships, and honest business.

REALMen Rock is a tribe where you can get the mentorship, fun, and intimate connection that so many men are craving in a disconnected world of meaningless social media "likes".

This is a tribe where you can be comfortable in your own skin and be seen for who you are. DUDE, YOU ROCK!

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$125/mo (Founding Member)

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  • Connect with me & other members in a private community intended to uplift & support successful, creative men to connect to their personal power with more freedom, ease, joy, & purpose.
  • Monthly livestream coaching calls
  • Monthly Q&A call
  • Expert Guests on topics that benefit men's mental, physical, spiritual, emotional health & well-being.
  • Curated Spotify Playlists - because music is medicine!
  • Audio Meditations for stress relief & aligning you with your most fulfilling, peaceful, & abundant life.
  • Opportunities for exclusive events only available to the REALMen Rock tribe.
  • More fun added as  REALMen Rock evolves!
  • LIMITED TIME - $125/mo for Founding Members only as a "Thank You" for getting the group up & running! Or pay $1,250 annual pricing & get two months free! As long as you maintain membership, you'll remain eligible for Founders pricing. You may cancel at any time. Should you rejoin later, it will be at the regular price of $250/mo (or $2,500 annual). This offer is good until we reach 40 members & you are among the first to know, so ACT NOW!
"I went to a job interview shortly after I did some exercises Kim gave me to find my energy source, to increase my clarity and ability to communicate -and I want to tell you how powerful it made me feel, how much clarity I had around the issues I'd be speaking about. I was able to express my experiences, training and expertise in a way that landed me a new position as VP & General Counsel. I can only highly recommend that you touch base with Kim, work with her, and open yourself up to a brand new experience."  ~Todd Watson

By Application

Private Coaching with Kimberly

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  • I know sometimes you want to do some 1-to-1 work – or just have someone to bounce ideas off of and listen to what’s going on for you, with no judgment. I only have a few spots available every year for private coaching/mentoring, so tell me a little about you and what you'd like to achieve through private coaching.

  • “Can I Afford Coaching with Kimberly?”

    Coaching with me is an experience, not a “per hour” endeavor. I tailor each individual's experience to their needs and my fees reflect that deeply personal attention.

    The people I work with consider coaching to be an investment in their overall well-being, their business, relationships, life journey and deeper purpose. They come into the coaching process with the intention of experiencing a highly valuable return on their investment of money, time, and energy.

    If you’re unsure if it’s a fit for you, go ahead and submit the application by clicking on the button below. If you’re reading this, you’re certainly curious or feeling “called” to more. I’ll take a look and give you an honest answer about whether it seems we’re a fit for coaching together.

    I look forward to hearing from you and I welcome your questions.

  • Once you submit your application, I'll contact you within a few days with next steps.
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Music Heals & Connects Us

One of the uniting elements of REALMen Rock is music. You don't have to be a musician, or even be in the music industry, but you're drawn to this tribe because you love music. 

Music enables us to get to emotions in ways that words cannot. So, we'll play with it, discuss it, and use it to move us forward.

Here's a song I just recorded called "Dark Sky". Enjoy.
❤️ Kimberly

from The REALM
"Dark Sky"
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