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Naked Vibes Show



Provocative Conversations & Inspiration with musicians, artists, innovators, love-makers, & world-shakers to Enlighten, Elevate, Educate, & Entertain on truth, love, creativity, consciousness, music, sexuality, spirituality, confidence, joy, & life mastery.

Ignite your own creative genius with the spark from these thoughts, travels, stories…& live music, too.

Sometimes the solution to a problem comes just by relaxing into the music and conversation.

Real transformation takes courage, but it can still be fun to get comfortable in your own skin! And, you’re not on the journey alone. I'm here to light your Soul-Fire! Each episode of The Naked Vibes Show Podcast brings you:

  • Stories of transformation
  • Music to give your mind a break
  • Thought-provoking questions and ideas
  • Tips and tools you can put into action to immediately lift your energy and shift your mindset into a place of confidence and courage
  • Spiritual food to remind you that YOU ROCK!


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I'm Kimberly Cain, producer and host of The Naked Vibes Show

I put a lot of thought and passion into each episode and enjoy connecting with guests that I believe will inspire you with fresh insights. We all need help from others. I'll continue to bring the energy, fun, and helpful tools you can use to stay aligned with a mindset of courage, purpose and passion for life.

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